Talent Shortage Impacts the Industry; Talent Cultivate On-campus Become a Future Trend

Affected by COVID-19, the world is facing a labor shortage. Many job search platform statistical reports have pointed out that talent shortage is already a long-term trend in the future. Even the leading chairman of the (semiconductor) industry has publicly stated that it is urgent to cultivate talents on-campus.


Cases of Deep Cultivation in Enterprises; Open-up a New Model of Industry-academia Cooperation

GLORIA has always put every effort into cultivating industrial talents, and has introduced appropriate resources needed by enterprises in a timely manner. In terms of on-campus operation, we have set up training courses directly with the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, with more than 60 students from the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering participating; assisted professors in corporate matchmaking to jointly develop new technologies, and the scale of industry-university cooperation has reached tens of millions; linked international EDA manufacturers with joint research and development by the school, with the help of the most basic on-site survey on blank housing, facilitated the case of Taiwan's ‘‘first’’ enterprise R&D and design center stationed on campus, bringing new inspiration for Taiwan’s industry-academia cooperation model. In terms of enterprise customized talent recruitment, GLORIA has assisted an international IC in conducting talent training competitions for 5  years, with more than 900 applicants and 140 teams of talents being trained.


Customized Talent Recruitment Plan; Link Top Talents On-campus

NYCU has a total of 19 institutes and 30 departments.The annual Spring and Autumn Talent Recruitment Fairs, OPEN HOUSE, are expanded year by year. In the Spring of 2022, 19,000 job opportunities were released, and the number of companies and manufacturers had exceeded 250. And we can plan the GLORIA Joint Talent Recruitment area in the most popular area of OPEN HOUSE, create the highest visibility of the booth, and assist in holding special briefing sessions and online publicity of specific departments (The Number of Impression is 2000 and more).

Long-term deep cultivation on-campus enables us to grasp the needs of students in a timely manner. We have created a talent recruitment project that is widely praised by students from scratch, and successfully refreshed the brand image among students for the largest integrated carriers in Taiwan, receiving more than 90 resumes in each project.