Support Cutting-edge Technology Research; Accelerate the Industrialization of Technology Foresight

GLORIA’s mission is to provide academic power and interface with industry. We keep exploring the technology foresight development in industry and academia and providing enterprises, startups, and professors’ teams with negotiating services such as technology matching, joint development, industry-academia cooperation, cross-university cooperation, technology transfer, patent transfer, etc. We are dedicated to speeding up technology development to applied technology.

In order to achieve the goal, we have assisted an AI Half of Unicorn startup in linking resources, funds, marketing and other resources in 2019. In terms of technology, GLORIA coordinates National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) to provide technological consultancy. We promoted the collaboration of the professors of Biotechnical Engineering and Electronic and Electrical Engineering so that the deans personally led the team composed of distinguished professors to join the research and development, and the collaboration scales exceeded 10 million NTD. On the other hand, regarding the fundraising, GLORIA assisted the startup in participating in CES in America, promoting overseas markets, and even more, receiving an investment of 500 thousand USD. And the startup has entered B round of investment, and moved towards Initial Public Offering (IPO).

One of the services that GLORIA has been dedicated to developing is how to catalyze Go-To-Market, i.e., to bring the technology foresight into the market application. We have recommended a solution from a professor’s team to a domestic computer hardware company;have matching 6 professors in NYCU with a project of a global wafer company; have assisting  a startup in introducing the technology to the product launching of the largest integrated carrier in Taiwan.


Get a Head Start on Global New Industry Market; Develop Technology Economic Trade Promoting Unit in 16 Countries

GLORIA not only cultivates the advanced industrial technology in Taiwan but also has the foresight of the global market and deploys the industries. For instance, we introduced smart farming technology which passed the pilot scale test to large-scale farming in a global farm in Southeast Asia and assisted the team in winning the first contract with global clients. Since possessing years of industry experience and integrating more than 16 Technology Economic Trade Promoting Office in Taiwan units, GLORIA expands the appropriate on-campus science-research technology, Taiwanese startups, and enterprises to the global markets.