The Team of Professors Plans to Apply for Participation ; Guides Start-up to Formulate Business Strategies

Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) is devoted to assisting on-campus teams in launching a business. From the team application plan to the spin-off, along the way we partner up with them; we schedule resources promptly and create a new look of the industry. For instance, the non-toxic technology agricultural startup is now well-known in smart agriculture, and GLORIA held the position of the committee of the company establishment at the initial stage, making good use of technical advantages and adaptability, assisting the startup in developing efficient operation strategies, and accurately hooking the target audience and the market abroad. After the success of a pilot scale test, GLORIA continuously assisted them in expanding the domestic and foreign market.

Expand the International Market ; Introduce International Venture Capital Units

Through the support of Value-Create Project, the team not only participated in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as Taiwan National Team, but also won the award for CES 2020 Innovation Award, which attracted overseas industries to the investment. During the process, we continuously assisted the team in negotiation and investment evaluation. In terms of resource links, introduced the team to America VC and referred the smart agriculture solutions to the listed companies, being dedicated to assisting the startup in receiving the funds so that the team could stabilize the operation and develop the technology without fear.

Expanding overseas markets is definitely a challenge for the startup team. We took the initiative to serve as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to analyze dozens of distributors and suppliers. Additionally, we accompanied the teams to Southeast Asia for the field trip, effectively assisting the non-toxic technology agricultural startup in winning the first global contract with the local international company, which reached the first milestone in the overseas market.

The non-toxic technology agricultural startup was founded in 2019, making its reputation in the field of smart farming step by step. During the period, they have been fully collaborating with GLORIA. We not only regard helping the startups find their feet as our mission but also look forward to working with the coaching team to achieve Taiwan's industrial upgrading.